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  • You'll have a smooth transition from beginners level

  • You'll get more accustomed to the gramma and pronunciation

  • You'll get to drill a lot and practice sentences with different variations

  • You'll feel how things are getting easier to pronounce

  • You are getting to know and manage more verb tenses

  • You'll get many new tricks on what to do and what not to do

  • You'll know what mistakes natives do that foreigners don't, which will make you sound like a native if you do

  • You'll learn things about English that you never thought of before

  • You'll know many ways to ask and answer questions

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Pronunciation is something we go through all the way from the very beginning of the course, but in the extra materials section there's even more pronunciation specials that focus on exactly what you need.


As you will learn, a great way of learning a language is to know about it's culture, and in the extra materials section, we have many videos related to cultural matters.


There will be extra videos with rules for you to review and get the information integrated into your mechanism. Now the rules and grammar will be much easier for you!


More videos are constantly being added with content that will help your through your journey of learning Spanish

It's time for you to learn Spanish!

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