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    The Extra Material Section!

    This is your constant getaway from the course where you get to take a small break and learn complementary things that will increase your knowledge of the language and the culture. 

    The Extra Material section of the course, will provide you specific videos explaining particular grammar that you need to review as well as special pronunciation videos and many more videos on various topics that will get you closer to the Spanish speaking world and it's culture!

    The videos in this section vary in length and in content. You'll get interesting information that will help you connect the dots and due to the variety of topics, you'll feel as if you've already lived in a Spanish speaking country!

    This section is worth a lot of because of the value you will get, but it will be included for free when you buy the course, nevertheless.

    The Extra Material Section is included for all levels that you buy!

    This video below is where you'll be when half way through the Intermediate levels!

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