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This is What You'll Learn

Best way of learning Spanish

Your teacher will guide you through the course in videos you can review as many time  as you want from the comfort of your home! You'll

Master your pronunciation

Pronunciation is one of the main focus on this course and your teacher has great tricks and techniques that help you learn how to pronounce like a native in record time! 

Learn everything you need

You'll learn all the necessary ins and outs of the Spanish language which will allow you to feel comfortable speaking Spanish with anyone, anywhere. 

You'll Learn Spanish As Good As Seen in The Spanish Versions Of:

About The Course

The course will include different packages, all in one!

All 72 modules (~1 hour each) PLUS Extra Material!

If you are a language lover who wants to learn a new language, then Spanish is your number one choice! Our course gives you the guidance you need to not just get started but to continue step by step and get you all the way until you reach fluency!

This in the only course that will teach you what works and will get you through the hardships of learning a language through experience of your teacher who will constantly offer you tricks and tips to make you notices your advancements until the point where you will be able to navigate through the Spanish world and keep improving by yourself constantly with increasing practice! Best Price! Recommended!

But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

See what our online students are saying about this course...

"Just what I was looking for"

"This is the best language course I have done in my life! I started my Spanish learning journey in high school and throughout the years, I've done course after course with repeated failure. I had almost lost hope in ever learning Spanish until it took my niece up on her advice because she noted great results herself. I'm very happy with this course and highly recommend it!

Jane Hanson. UK.

"I noticed quick results..."

"I find it amazing how our teacher managed to guide us and explain in such a fun and comprehensive way every step of the way. I always thought I wasn't a language person because I never studied any language before, but as our teacher said: "talent is a myth", and he is right. We got so many psychological tricks on how to learn and not give up, that not only did I become fluent in Spanish, but I also got to know myself better in the process."

Francis Hoffman. Australia.

"This is such a great course!"

"I can't believe that I would reach this level so fast. I finished the course in my own pace and now after just a couple of months I am fluent without even leaving my room or having had any interaction. After finishing my course I have continuously improved by following the tips and advices of our great teacher and starting conversations, reading and listening a lot in Spanish. I wish I had known about this course years ago!"

Anna Anderson. Sweden.

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Beginners Levels

Here you will get a strong foundation and soothing welcoming to a new way of learning languages. 

Your experienced teacher will go through the first 24 hours of basic Spanish for you to feel more than confident in your foundation and know how to pronounce and express the simple things you want as a beginner. This level is so vast that after the 24 modules, you'll feel like more than just a beginner. You'll be able to start building sentences on your own as well as getting a hold on what people are saying. 

Intermediate Levels 1 & 2

The intermediate level starts with a smooth transition from beginners level and you'll get a lot of content. Here you should already be used to taking notes of the tips that are being shared and specially of the vocabulary that we go through, because it is a lot!

In this level you'll get to know how to express yourself in many different ways and how to utilize the words in different contexts. You get familiarized with the many different tenses in an easy to understand and non-overwhelming way. Your teacher explains every single thing with a great deal of details and a lot of patience. 

At the end of this levels you'll feel very comfortable with your knowledge and will be ready to step into the next level

Advanced Levels 1 & 2

At this point you'll feel like the king of the world. You have already gone though 48 hours of intensive Spanish and gained a lot of knowledge like you never thought was possible.

In the Advanced Levels, you'll increasingly get the explanations in Spanish and you'll be able to understand it all. We'll finish covering the grammar that is planned for this course and you will be ready to have conversations in Spanish and travel all over 20 different native Spanish countries! You'll have a good pronunciation by now and will be able to both understand and freely speak about a wide variety of topic by yourself!

More Reasons To Join!

The Extra Material Section!

This is your constant getaway from the course where you get to take a small break and learn complementary things that will increase your knowledge of the language and the culture. 

The Extra Material section of the course, will provide you specific videos explaining particular grammar that you need to review as well as special pronunciation videos and many more videos on various topics that will get you closer to the Spanish speaking world and it's culture!

The videos in this section vary in length and in content. You'll get interesting information that will help you connect the dots and due to the variety of topics, you'll feel as if you've already lived in a Spanish speaking country!

This section is worth a lot of because of the value you will get, but it will be included for free when you buy the course, nevertheless.

The Extra Material Section is included for all levels that you buy!

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